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STAR's mission is to enrich student life for RSM students. They are ambitious and look for ambitious people, but they also like having fun.

Learning new skills, working on a project, or being part of the Board goes hand in hand with having fun. The STAR offices do not have regular working hours; the Board is there for students from 9 a.m. till late in the evening.

As RSM gave the order to Virro to produce there interactive virtual tour, STAR wanted to be a part of it. Virro made three panoramic images of their offices. These images where integrated in virtual tour of the Rotterdam School of Management as well as on the STAR website.


bedrijf   : RSM STAR
plaats   :Rotterdam
branche   : opleiding / werkruimte
type   : binnen / met mensen
foto / viewer   : 360 Plus foto / HTML5 & Flash